Last updated 2022/9/2

We have entered into a capital alliance with Fukuoka Oxygen Company. In addition, Kenshiro Fujisawa was appointed as the representative director and president.
Thank you in the future. (September 1, 2022)

yBusiness Outlinez
We are engaged in R&D and commercialization of gene diagnostic agents, pharmaceutical materials,biosensors, and catalysts using DNA/RNA derivatives as materials based on nucleic acid chemistry technology through joint studies with research organizations, including universities.

yProducts & Servicesz

ENucleotide for gene amplification
We have realized high-quality, low-price gnucleotides for gene amplificationh using our original phosphorylation technology.

EContract synthesis
In the gcontract synthesish business, we have a track record of producing special nucleic acid compounds, including special nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides using our special technology.

Commercialization Strategy
EDrug Discovery
We are carrying out research and product development of Small molecules that target DNA/RNA.

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